• Porto – Nagasaki

    Do outro lado do mar / Porto - Nagasaki In the XVI century, a Portuguese ship weighed anchor in Porto to call at the Nagasaki bay, where a trading post was founded. Nagasaki became the first far-east business center for the Portuguese worldwide network of commerce-cities. This network, ancestor of modern globalisation, allowed the Portuguese culture and language to be introduced to other cultures and other people. Japan was one of the last steps of the “descobrimentos”, the Portuguese discoveries. The city of Oporto shares with Nagasaki the slopes and flagstone streets that lead us to the old harbor. They also share the status of sister cities since 1978. “The other side of the sea / Oporto – Nagasaki, common images” is a work that aims to present a bit of one city to the other through an attentive and necessarily subjective look. A series of daily landscapes that shows the cities as they are, respecting their light, their colors, their life – ugly and beautiful, simple and complex, mysterious and mundane. Here, photography plays the role of the recital in a classic way – to go and come back to tell. And it tries to leave free ground for the dialog between the images and those who look at them, between the event and its suggestion. Between both sides of the sea. /////// Exhibitions: 05.10 — 16.12.2013 Dejima Museum, Nagasaki (Japan); 15.03 — 01.06.2014 Centro Português de Fotografia, Porto (Portugal) and 05.01 — 27.02.2015 Carré Amelot, La Rochelle (France)